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david and lauren clark partners

We Interviewed 8 Agents And Chose Clark Partners Real Estate

When Lauren and David decided to sell their house, they interviewed 8 different agents to make sure they picked the best one. They were impressed with the approach of Phil and Corey from Clark Partners Real Estate. Phil and Corey didn’t ask for any money upfront which no other agency had offered them before.

no upfront fees

Hassle-free selling: no sale, no pay

Being a first-time seller, Michael was very unsure of how to best sell his home. After interviewing 3 agents, it became clear to Michael that Phil is the right agent for him. Unlike the other agencies, Clark Partners was the only one who assured Michael of a No Sale, No Pay guarantee which made him feel secure…

sold without auction

Sold in 1 week without auction

Julie had some horrible experiences trying to sell her home in the past. That is why Julie was extremely happy when Phil from Clark Partners Real Estate sold her property at North Lakes. What is so amazing is that Julie didn’t have to go through a public auction nor pay any money upfront. Phil got the best price…

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